Support and motivation to keep you on track with your goals

Get a real live health coach

Motovo will connect you with your own personal health coach, who will help keep you on track to meet your goals. You can message them securely within the app, text, talk on the phone, and participate in community groups with your coach.

Look better, feel better, be better

You can easily journal your food, and enter your mood and weight while your activity tracker automatically feeds your data in to Motovo. Your health coach will use this information to challenge and motivate you. All your entries come together to help you achieve your goals. Read more about the science behind Motovo.

Don't go it alone

With your health coach behind you, and the support of others beside you; your goals are within reach. We are here with you, every step of the way, together we support you on your healthy journey. Come see the difference Motovo can make in your life.

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“Motovo has been a miracle for me...I'm down 13 lbs thanks to the help of my health coach Angela!!”




More about your trained health coach - a real person

Get tips and support sent directly from your health coach.

Whether on the phone or in the app, you will be communicating directly with a professionally trained health coach. Your health coach will be monitoring your data as you use the app and your health information will remain secure. 

Conversations in the app happen in a completely private messaging system where you can ask questions, set goals, and receive encouragement. You will love your health coach!

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"I LOVE my health coach, she calls, she texts, she is motivational!”

“When you reach my age it is harder to keep healthy...with the help of Motovo and my health coach I'm doing it!!”




Motovo - Based on clinical studies

Motovo is designed based on multiple clinical research studies that have shown that journaling your food daily, weighing daily, improving sleep and becoming mindful of your mood and activity have a positive impact on overall health and wellness as you age. 

We realize that creating new habits can be difficult, so we provide the means to easily track food, mood, activity, weight, and sleep. We provide accountability through a health coach, a community, and content to support you on your journey.

What Motovo Offers

Support From a Certified Health & Wellness Expert
Reach your goals with help from your personal health coach.

Tips & Reminders to Keep You on Track
Receive messages specifically for you.

Personalized Health & Wellness Goals
Learn how you can lose weight, eat better or get better sleep.

Community Chat & Support Share and receive ideas to get the motivation you need.

Data Tracking
See your food, mood, activity, weight, and sleep patterns in order to make little changes that make a big difference.

Secure Platform
We keep your health information private and secure.


Why people love Motovo

“Motovo is not a diet plan... it's a way of life change that will keep you healthy forever”.

“What I really like about Motovo is the wellness plan I'm on is one I set up with my health coach they makes it easier to accomplish what I want to do”.

“Sometimes you need to be held accountable for your actions...staying on a good health plan or weight loss is that for me....Motovo and the health coach I work with help me with my goals”.

Invest in your health and make a lifestyle change today